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Motorcycle Electronics

Nearly all larger modern motorcycles are moving in the direction of electronic intervention in the riding experience..ABS Braking, Traction Control, Wheelie Control, and there are more coming

For many of us, we still use analogue controls: my right throttle hand and fingers control MY traction levels and ABS, because I'm riding an older machine and until I graduate ( financially ) I'll just have to ride that way...but I am interested in what these electronic aids do and how they have been forged in racing and filtering down to us mere mortals.

Part 1 of this article is what Bradley Smith ( Yamaha Moto GP Satellite Team Rider ) has to say about the various aids and how they are used in the cut and thrust that is at the top level of Motorcycle Racing.. 


I have been riding all size motorcycles for over 30 years. I am lucky to have both Sport & Trail bikes to ride. The experiences gained on the road, track and trail have given me a great number of pointers and a unique perspective on safety and fun at the same time. I am originally from the UK, where I perfected my proficiencies with Royal Automobile Club and Advanced Motorcycling Association training, but currently based near Durbanville, Western Cape.