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When a Cyclist has better Road Skills than a Motorcyclist..

The lack of road skills prevalent here is astonishing..This is Mr. Accident looking for a place to have one.

The cyclist is a pain in his neck, but he's showing him the right way to ride this portion of the road, until they both go wide: I'll let you decide who followed/led whom. I'd offer to train the guy, but it's probably too late..Be sure you don't do the same; contact me at Advanced Riding Techniques


I have been riding all size motorcycles for over 30 years. I am lucky to have both Sport & Trail bikes to ride. The experiences gained on the road, track and trail have given me a great number of pointers and a unique perspective on safety and fun at the same time. I am originally from the UK, where I perfected my proficiencies with Royal Automobile Club and Advanced Motorcycling Association training, but currently based near Durbanville, Western Cape.