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Casey Stoner riding a Ducati again?

Well, its the Northern Hemisphere winter and minds are set to wonder now that 99% of the Championships in the world have been decided and there's no racing to watch..

Someone thinks that Mr. Stoner is aching to ride again, and as the only Moto-GP title winner for the Red Team and the fact that Honda botched a few things for him recently (think Suzuka 8hr crash ?) one wonder how much fire there is under this smoke?

I, for one, would like to see him up and at 'em..The Borgio Panigale team have been very competitive this year..much closer than any time since Casey's read on...fact or fiction?

BMW Fathers Take Note!

For all you BMW GS1200 owners (and all the other previous derivatives) out there, you can now instil and pass on brand values to your sons and daughters: Why?

Well, the propeller heads have (at last) catered for the under 500 cc market ( funny one offs excluded..C1 anyone?) by releasing a small stylish single aimed squarely at Ninja 300 / R3  and, to me, the KTM Duke particularly.

Now you can ride out as a family ( OK, not off-road, but how many 1200 owners get their wheels dusty anyway?) : Dad on the GS and your offspring on the G310R. Check out the link here:


When you are pestered for one, and I think they look GREAT! and would have loved one as a teenager, remember the training required: Contact Mark at Advanced Riding Techniques. to keep your offspring safe while enjoying two wheels.

Fatal Crash Video

I wouldn't normally post anything that shows the worst type of outcome for any rider. The fact that the parent here agreed to the release of the footage and it brings the whole riding without proper anticipation into focus, is more than enough to convince me that the event shown is preventable and ....well ...I'll let you see and decide...

The other link is a post by someone called Mark Gardiner, who disseminates the video with stills and some VERY pertinent comments. He is thinking as I would and while there are 2 main differing points of view about who was to blame and why it happened, THE point is that the event was survivable had some basic techniques been used.

If I can prevent anything like that happening to you, by instilling these techniques, my job will have been done. Contact me NOW