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Do you need therapy?

With apologies to Dan Ackroyd.....for a hint of plagiarism..

Riding a bike replaces therapy..You don't need it when you ride...there's a sense of freedom and release that being on the road, or trail gives you. On your own, with your pillion, or with your friends, a trip, sometimes to nowhere in particular is one of the best pick-me-ups in the world.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should explore South Africa with a Motorbike

South Africa is an incredible and vibrant country that offers a premier traveling experience. For the motorcyclist, this experience is made even more rewarding by way of the journey. If you are looking for the best backdrop for your next adventure, here are five excellent reasons to explore South Africa on a motorcycle trip.

1. Plenty of wildlife

One of the biggest tourist attractions in South Africa is the wildlife. A good road trip will be traveling to the Kruger National Park, which is only a days trip from Johannesburg.

2. Welcome to the West coast

A road trip to Cape Town, will allow you to enter to the Western side of Africa. With the beautiful white sand Cape Town will leave you breathless.

3. Welcome to the East coast

Durban is the best place to be, no matter the season. Durban has the perfect road trip climate. Rich in culture with all the different flavors that will leave you mesmerized. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, Durban is the place to be.

4. Landscapes that will leave a trademark in your heart.

South Africa is a country that has lots of deserts, savannahs and mountains. You will enjoy riding down the deepest valleys. Take a trip to the Eastern province and visit the rugged beauty of Grootriver Gorge's sandstone cliffs.

5. Rich in culture

South Africa has often been referred to as 'the rainbow nation', and with just cause. Its 11 official languages and inclusion of a diverse group of people and histories have forged together to create a unique and vibrant culture. Which ever province you are in , you will always feel welcomed. From the streets of Durban to the shores of Cape Town you will have a memorable road trip.

The importance of Motorbike Training

Have you always dreamed of riding a motorbike but could just never reach the starting the point? Every little boy's dream of growing up is to ride a motorbike, so it is only obvious that as grownups we would want to fullfil our childhood dream. There are advantages to riding a motorbike. For example, normal bicycles won't be able to give you the speed of motorbikes. Cars may be able to get you to your set distination faster but it will not provide you with that adrenaline rush.

The starting point of your Motorbike Training:

The starting point of riding a motorbike is finding a good Motorbike Training School. Learning to ride can be really easy and safe if you have Advanced Riding Techniques by your side. At Advanced Riding Techniques (A-R-T), we are specialized in giving you the best possible training to get you ready for your own motorcycle in no time.

Preparation for Spring Riding

Spring is not far away...get yourself ready for riding.

If you've been hibernating along with your bike..remember to do a full check on all your equipment to make sure it still fits, isn't broken or dirty. Your bike also needs a once over too. Make sure all lights/brakes and steering functions are all working properly.

If you didn't change your brake and clutch fluids before putting the bike away, remember they may have been absorbing water quietly..this greatly reduces their effectiveness, increasing the danger of brake fade..and the inconvenience of not being able to get the bike in gear.

Hopefully your bike was on stands so that both tyres were off the ground..inflate to the correct pressure and check ALL tread and sidewalls for signs of cracking or damage..replace if in doubt. Your life is worth it.

If you had your battery on trickle charge and kept the bike running during the winter, you and your bike should now be ready for action. Go to it

The essential protective gear to use when riding any bike:


Helmet is one of the most important safety elements when riding. Don't ever leave home without it, it protects your head from any harm. When buying your helmet make sure it fits your head properly and it is not to loose or too tight. Remember that you need to be comfortable with it because it will be on your head for a long time while riding. Make sure that the helmet is strapped on properly and it is also in perfect condition before you start your bike.


Riding without any protective gear for your eyes is dangerous. Your eyes are sensitive and anything will cause harm to it. example, a spec of dust going into your eye.
The right eye protection for your eye is an approved shield on your helmet, or shatterproof glasses.
If you use tinted glasses while riding during the day make sure you have a clear pair for the night.


Corduroy, leather and denim are just some of the protective material that motorcycle jackets are made off.


Protective pants should always be made of thick material such as corduroy or denim. They provide you with protection from elements.


Gloves is the utmost importance of your hands. Bare hands cannot handle abrasion or any contact of a hot motorcycle part.


Always use boots that are over your ankle.


If people can see you they are most likely not going to run into you. Bright clothing makes you more visible to the naked eye.
For the night, you can buy clothing that reflects light, and put reflective strips on your helmet and the backs of your boots. Every little bit help.

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